Monday, 30 September 2013

First update of 2013-14

Welcome to the Brunel House blog. Just a quick update on what has been happening so far this year. Our new House Captain is Mark Rumbles in 13B and Mark is ably supported by 2 vice-captains in Kieran McGranaghan and Jessica Wilkinson. Mark, Kieran and Jess will be running our next House Assembly on Tuesday 8th October in the hall, at which we will be choosing our House Charity for 2013-14 based on presentations from each of the 7 forms in Brunel. A quick look at the House Points total shows that at close of school on Friday 27th September, Brunel had amassed 2,900 House Points so far this year, with the top performers in each form being as follows: 7 Brunel: Ethan Gardner (23) 8 Brunel: Ben Pritchard (51) 9 Brunel: Matthew Varley and Michael Bunani (40) 10 Brunel: Ryan Enness (38) 11 Brunel: Jack Thompson (37) 12 Brunel: Shalaine Jannoo (14) 13 Brunel: Callum Naessens (16) Well done to all those in the above list, especially to Ben for so far being the top House Points scorer in Brunel House. Competitons are due to start in earnest shortly, with the first one being the Year 7 football competition. This will take place in your games lesson on Friday 11th October and with A and B team matches, every boy will get to play for the House. Please check back to this House Blog for regular updates. Mr Chidlow, Head of Brunel

Monday, 19 November 2012

House Point Update 16th November 2012

Getting tight at the top but we still don't seem to be able to push Telford from the top of the pile. Let's see if we can do it before Christmas! As at Friday 16th November position were as follows:

1st: Telford 4,394
2nd: Brunel 4,223
3rd: Stevenson 4,195
4th: Newton 4,175
5th: Darwin 4,084

Well done to EVERYONE who has contributed towards this total.

Top HP scorers in each form are as follows:

7B: Enoch Hazzan 54
8B: Matthew Varley 56
9B: Ryan Holczimmer 75
10B: Jack Thompson 87
11B: Oliver Piggott 59
6B1: Bryn Collom 28
6B2: Zoe Collins 44

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

House Points Total at 9th November 2012

At the close of play on Friday 9th November, the House Points totals were as follows:

Telford              4,057
Brunel               3,891
Stevenson          3,885
Newton              3,883
Darwin              3,796

Top scorers in each Brunel form were as follows:

6B2: Zoe Collins            44
6B1: Bryn Collom          29
11B: Oliver Piggott:       57
10B: Jack Thompson      83
9B: Ryan Holczimmer    69
8B: Matthew Varley       55
7B: Enoch Hazzan          47

Congratulations to Jack (Thompson) on being the top House Points scorer in Brunel so far this year.

Welcome to Brunel House - Message from Head of House

I'd like to welcome all members of Brunel House to this Brunel House  blog. Below you will find key information for the House for this year - in terms of House Team members in each Year Group. We're the current House champions - let's do everything in our power to ensure that we remain champions at the end of the school year.

Head of House: Mr Chidlow
House Captain: Ramon Williams, 6B2
Vice Captain:  Chris Wilson, 6B2

Form Captains:
7B: Altan Elmas
8B: Sam Webb
9B: Joe Porter
10B: Debo Adebola
11B: Tom Newcombe
6B1: Kane Boorman
6B2: Tom Redding

Sports Captains:
7B: Chukwude Maduka
8B: Fintan Cadden
9B: Mark Garoode
10B: Tom Hemmings
11B: George Harris
6B1: Jesse Omezi
6B2: Richard White

Monday, 24 September 2012

New year new start

Welcome! to you all